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Thanks ahead of time!!! *^_^*

1. Your Name: Jubei-chan
2. Your Age: 22
3. Your favorite color: Blue
4. Your Favorite Animal: Cats
5. Favorite Weapon: Long Sword
6. Favorite Video Game: Tetris
7. What do you look like: Three little pictures to show rather than tell

My Boyfriend and IMore of Me and My BoyfriendFinally Just Me

8. Reason for joining: I'm curious really. I have an idea who I'm like, but I always wonder how other people would see me. Sometimes I'll describe friends of mine to other anime fans and say, "Well my friend is like "so and so" but way cooler she he/she is real!" ^_^ Oh that and I've fallen in love with this series. Really. Really!

1. What is your favorite character from Rurouni Kenshin, Why?: OMG, you can't ask that. Well ok, for fangirl purposes: Sano and Aoishi. ::drools:: But realy, I love all the main male characters, Kenshin, Sano, Aoishi, and Saito. They all have such determination to live their lives. Kenshin for being a bleeding heart hero that holds so much grief but manages to keep a smile. A lovely tortured soul. Sano for being a hot head and a sucker for a challenge. I admire his strength. Aoishi is ... is ... loyal and proud and strong. He makes my heart break. Saito is a m'f'er that I can't help but love. Strong and driven and won't back down. I like agressive guys. Misao is a crack and a half, she can be willful one minute and a softie the next. I always enjoy her.
2. What do you want to be rated as?(boy, girl, doesn't matter)?: Don't matter either way.
3. Do you read the manga?: I've read a couple early volumes.
4. Do you watch the anime?: Yes I have.
5. Favorite episode?: I have favorite moments, that aren't really that important, but I love when Yahiko chomps on Sano's head. Hillarious!!! Umm, The false engagement ring! Umm, every episode of the Shishio battle. Anytime Kenshin sheds tears. ::dies::

1. Give a really good description of yourself:

I like: Socks, Hockey, Anime, Guys, Films, Poetry, Practical Jokes
I dislike: Football, Rap, Work, Liars, Brocolli

I am a hopeless romantic. I love love and the idea of being in love and having a person to love. Thank god I'm in love or else I'd be a puddle of goo dreaming of mister right. But I'm not like a clingy person, I just a romantic. I love shoujo stuff. ::sad sad::

I cosplay! I love love love to cosplay!!! I sing, act (mostly voice acting). I play Dance Maniax (not DDR). I raed a lot now. I write fairly often, scripts and such. I watch hockey too! The music I listen varies: JRock, Oldies, New Age Rock, Musicals, Techno, Alternative, basically anything but Country and Rap/R&B.

If I have a clear head and not too many distractions I'll have time to think things through. I'm easily distracted though. But if it will effect others and will have pretty severe consequences ... I'll take extra time to think things through. Since I have high energy, when I'm around people that I love and know very well I am immature. I can relax and just be myself. But when around people I don't know I will clam up and act professional and very mature in a classroom or a work setting. If something needs to get done I'll shape up.

2. What do you think you would look like if you were a character in Rurouni Kenshin?: What would I look like. Well, I'd like to be a strong person. But I wouldn't want to change much of who I am. So, a little on the short side but with a lot of attitude. Maybe with an eyepatch. I have a thing for eyepatches! hehehe. Nah, as long as I can earn people's respect I'd be fine with that.
3. Describe yourself in 5 words: omg ... ok ... versatile, curious, vindictive, anal retentive, loyal

Hope thats ok. Thanks!!!
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