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Meiji survey. :X

1. Your Name: Magda. Mohg-duh. I'm pretty sure my parents were high or something. :||
2. Your Age: 15. TOO OLD. ;;
3. Your favorite color: Orange, or brown~
4. Your Favorite Animal: I like moo cows, but they're HUGE AND SCARY AHHH. So maybe dogs. :D?
5. Favorite Weapon: VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! I call it my Super Sneaky Deadweight Attack! :O It starts out as an innocent hug, but then I lift up my legs and BOOM. :X
6. Favorite Video Game: I don't have any cool video game consoles or anything. ;; I have a Gameboy Advance, I think? The last thing I played for PS2 was Sly Cooper. :<
7. What do you look like: Short LOWER END OF AVERAGE, blonde... wriggly?

I'd hit it. ;D

8. Reason for joining: I'm a sucker for these rating things! Check out my userinfo. D: OBSESSED.

1. What is your favorite character from Rurouni Kenshin, Why?: I like all the characters (A FANDOM FIRST?!), but Sano and Yahiko-- NO NO NO. MY FAVORITE IS DEFINITELY MEGUMI. ♥ ♥ ♥ She might've made some big mistakes, but she's working on making up for them and now she don't take shit from NOBODY. Plus, she's a complete knockout. 8D;;;
2. What do you want to be rated as?: Err, preferably a boy, but whatever works out.
3. Do you read the manga?: Some. :D I like to bum manga off my friend. But mostly I was following the show while it was on Cartoon Network~
4. Do you watch the anime?: ...ahoy.
5. Favorite episode?: The titles are all too long. :< I like some of the more slapstick ones... Like, um. Crap, it's been awhile since I saw the show. ;; There was that time when Sano insulted Kaoru's cooking and used Kenshin as a shield as she pelted him with vegetables. XDD And then the one where everybody was going to the hot spring thing? KENSHIN PRACTICALLY STREAKED. Poor Kaoru. :X

1. Give a really good description of yourself: Haha. I might not do myself justice. :< [/ego] I'm loud, spastic and completely random. I procrastinate a lot and can go from lazy good-for-nothing to human tornado in under five seconds. 8D; I'm super friendly and don't always think before I act or say something, but I always feel guilty if I think I made someone upset and try my hardest to be the comic relief everybody (eventually) needs in their lives~ ...So basically my brain stopped aging at around seven. XDD
2. What do you think you would look like if you were a character in Rurouni Kenshin?: I'd be, like, Village Man #7. XD I'm not cool enough to be a villain or anything, but if I was I'd be decked out in the most ridiculous costume since DDR. ;D FACE PAINT, TOO.
3. Describe yourself in 5 words: Eccentric, amiable, whimsical, BLONDE, amusing.

If you have the time, it'd be unbelievably awesome if you could explain why you think I'm like whoever. 8D ♥
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