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Meiji survey. :X

1. Your Name: Magda. Mohg-duh. I'm pretty sure my parents were high or something. :||
2. Your Age: 15. TOO OLD. ;;
3. Your favorite color: Orange, or brown~
4. Your Favorite Animal: I like moo cows, but they're HUGE AND SCARY AHHH. So maybe dogs. :D?
5. Favorite Weapon: VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! I call it my Super Sneaky Deadweight Attack! :O It starts out as an innocent hug, but then I lift up my legs and BOOM. :X
6. Favorite Video Game: I don't have any cool video game consoles or anything. ;; I have a Gameboy Advance, I think? The last thing I played for PS2 was Sly Cooper. :<
7. What do you look like: Short LOWER END OF AVERAGE, blonde... wriggly?

I'd hit it. ;D

8. Reason for joining: I'm a sucker for these rating things! Check out my userinfo. D: OBSESSED.

1. What is your favorite character from Rurouni Kenshin, Why?: I like all the characters (A FANDOM FIRST?!), but Sano and Yahiko-- NO NO NO. MY FAVORITE IS DEFINITELY MEGUMI. ♥ ♥ ♥ She might've made some big mistakes, but she's working on making up for them and now she don't take shit from NOBODY. Plus, she's a complete knockout. 8D;;;
2. What do you want to be rated as?: Err, preferably a boy, but whatever works out.
3. Do you read the manga?: Some. :D I like to bum manga off my friend. But mostly I was following the show while it was on Cartoon Network~
4. Do you watch the anime?: ...ahoy.
5. Favorite episode?: The titles are all too long. :< I like some of the more slapstick ones... Like, um. Crap, it's been awhile since I saw the show. ;; There was that time when Sano insulted Kaoru's cooking and used Kenshin as a shield as she pelted him with vegetables. XDD And then the one where everybody was going to the hot spring thing? KENSHIN PRACTICALLY STREAKED. Poor Kaoru. :X

1. Give a really good description of yourself: Haha. I might not do myself justice. :< [/ego] I'm loud, spastic and completely random. I procrastinate a lot and can go from lazy good-for-nothing to human tornado in under five seconds. 8D; I'm super friendly and don't always think before I act or say something, but I always feel guilty if I think I made someone upset and try my hardest to be the comic relief everybody (eventually) needs in their lives~ ...So basically my brain stopped aging at around seven. XDD
2. What do you think you would look like if you were a character in Rurouni Kenshin?: I'd be, like, Village Man #7. XD I'm not cool enough to be a villain or anything, but if I was I'd be decked out in the most ridiculous costume since DDR. ;D FACE PAINT, TOO.
3. Describe yourself in 5 words: Eccentric, amiable, whimsical, BLONDE, amusing.

If you have the time, it'd be unbelievably awesome if you could explain why you think I'm like whoever. 8D ♥
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God. I can't pick. But Misao and Yahiko were leaping out at me. You're very childish like they are. Very hyper and such like Misao, but something said Yahiko too so...Yeah. X3

Since you wanted a boy: Yahiko.
Breyzy and Yin will go with Yahiko as well! :)
Totally Yahiko! :D
Dude ... I'd totally vote you as "Fan-Boy Sano" not as in you're a rabid Sano fan ... but if Sano could be killer awesome strong and super kick ass and such but with the ability to transform into a fan boy and get distracted by anything shiney and cool and prettyful ... that'd be you.

But since theres no such thing ... Yahiko is the closest match. LoL. Hope I didn't dissapoint. You're like super hyper but and enjy being the comic relief. Yahiko sometimes tries to be so grown up that its comical. I love everytime Yahiko tried to chew on Sano. Pointy Teeth of Doom!!!

the end.

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